Our Remuneration Committee comprises Tan Hwee Kiong, Andrew Mak and Hew Koon Chan. The Chairman of the Remuneration Committee is Tan Hwee Kiong. Our Remuneration Committee will recommend to our Board of Directors a framework of remuneration for our Directors and Executive Officers and determine specific remuneration packages for each Executive Director. The recommendations of our Remuneration Committee should be submitted for endorsement by the entire Board of Directors. All aspects of remuneration, including but not limited to Directors' fees, salaries, allowances, bonuses and benefits-in-kind shall be covered by our Remuneration Committee.

In addition, our Remuneration Committee will perform an annual review of the remuneration of employees related to our Directors and Substantial Shareholders to ensure that their remuneration packages are in line with our staff remuneration guidelines and commensurate with their respective job scope and level of responsibilities. They will also review and approve any bonuses, pay increases and/or promotion for these employees. Each member of the Remuneration Committee shall abstain from voting on any resolution in respect of his remuneration package. Our Remuneration Committee shall also review the remuneration of our senior management.